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International Foundation for Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery – IFCARS

Computer assisted medicine, particularly computer assisted radiology and surgery (CARS), has a considerable effect on patients and physicians as well as on all healthcare facilities. CARS implies new knowledge and activities in medicine associated with an appropriate responsible conduct. The development of CARS is decisively influenced by medical/technical innovation as well as by interdisciplinary and international cooperation.

The Foundation aims at supporting all measures promoting this development, in particular, the creation and communication of information in the field of computer assisted medicine and the study of its medical, social and ethical effects on our society.

Personalized medicine and its realization with IT in the clinical context of oncology and cardiovascular diseases, is a principle focus of IFCARS. Computer assisted radiology and surgery are here of critical value for both, physician and patient. Other clinical application areas with IT assistance relate to degenerative and chronic diseases with focus on patient-specific modelling and model management.

The purpose of the Foundation is particularly realised by

  • Events of all kinds, e.g. congresses, seminars, think tank focus discussions, training and further education as well as the preparation of appropriate publications.
  • Support of interdisciplinary and international activities relating to the research and development of innovative public health concepts, particularly through system development and subsequent implementation.
  • Promotion of national and international cooperation in science and medicine, particularly in research, development and educational activities. ||| imprint | contact | datenschutz